What a Noise! is a sound book from Disney's Roary the Racing Car: The Movie.


  • It's the big race today and all of our friends are revving up their engines. That's like music to my ears! Do you know what sounds the engines make?
  • It was a very tiring day for Roary and Cici and they both happily fall asleep. Do you know what sounds they make when they're sleeping?
  • Today, Big Chris is working on Tin Top because his rims are damaged. What sound does the spanner make?
  • Cici is a cheerful little stunt car from France. She is the only racer that has an electric engine. What does it sound like?
  • Whoa! Drifter slams his brakes on because he's nearly had a big accident. Can you guess what sound does his brakes make?
  • Roary has squeaky wheels. He needs to go to Big Chris' workshop to get them checked out. Do you remember what sound squeaky wheels make?
  • Cici has a horn. She often uses it to say hello to Roary. What sound does it make?

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