Tayo Park is a parody series of South Park.


Rogi (Eric Cartman)

Gani (Kyle Broflovski)

Tayo (Stan Marsh)

Peanut (Butters Stotch)

Iratcha (Kenny McCormick)

Rubby (Tweek Tweak)

Speed (Craig Tucker)

Shine (Clyde Donovan)

Toto (Token Black)

Blow (Scott Malkinson)

Cooku (Jimmy Valmer)

Champ (Timmy Burch)

Lani (Wendy Testaburger)

Toni (Bebe Stevens)

Nuri (Heidi Turner)

Heart (Red)

Tramy (Annie Knitts/Annie Nelson)

Kinder (Pip Pirrup)

Rex (Jerome McElroy/Chef)

Citu (Herbert Garrison/Mr.Garrison)

Met (Mr. Mackey)

Hana (Principal Victoria)

Rookie (PC Principal)

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