Tayo the Little Bus & Friends: Tayo's Travelling Songs is an album which toddlers, big kids and other little children can listen to in the car. Produced by Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band.


  1. Tayo the Little Bus (Webb Wilder)
  2. Wheels on the Bus (Lani's Version) (Tracy Ann-Oberman (UK) and Brigid Harrington (US))
  3. Hickory Dickory Dock (Tim Buppert)
  4. Wheels On The Bus (Tayo's Version) (Teresa Gallagher (UK) and Hayden Rolence (US))
  5. Ringa Ringa Roses (Britt Savage & Kandace Williams)
  6. Row Row Row Your Boat (Kandace Williams)
  7. Wheels On The Bus (Gani's Version) (Steven Kynman (UK) and Jules de Jongh (US))
  8. Vroom Vroom Vroom (Tim Buppert)
  9. He'll Be Drivin' Round The Mountain (Tom Hambridge)
  10. Wheels On The Bus (Rogi's Version) (Blake Harrison (UK) and William Hope (US))
  11. The Grand Ol' Duke of York (Jaime Babbitt)

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