Collect-n-Play is the newest generation of diecast vehicles from Tayo the Little Bus. They will be released very soon and made by Fisher-Price. The motto for this new range of toys is "Collect them, play with them, have fun!".


Classic VehiclesEdit

This theme features vehicles in their regular looks.

  1. Tayo
  2. Rogi
  3. Lani
  4. Gani
  5. Citu
  6. Peanut
  7. Heart
  8. Nuri
  9. Turi
  10. Pat
  11. Alice
  12. Frank
  13. Air
  14. Speed
  15. Shine
  16. Toto
  17. Toni
  18. Iratcha
  19. Big
  20. Carry
  21. Bongbong
  22. Oli
  23. Small
  24. Tiny
  25. Rubby
  26. Kinder
  27. Miss Teach
  28. Billy
  29. Poco
  30. Chris
  31. Max
  32. Squishy
  33. Buddy
  34. Jimmy
  35. Bob
  36. Dan
  37. Sloth
  38. Met
  39. Tramy
  40. Sky
  41. Reo
  42. Nana
  43. Cooku
  44. Champ
  45. Ractor
  46. Booba
  47. Wondie
  48. Rex
  49. Hi-Speed Train
  50. Ice Cream Truck
  51. Miss Magician
  52. Grandma Car
  53. Windy
  54. Bully
  55. Woolly
  56. Bully's Minion #1
  57. Bully's Minion #2'
  58. Bully's Minion #3
  59. Bully's Minion #4
  60. Bully's Minion #5
  61. Bully's Minion #6
  62. Quick
  63. Noah
  64. Ace
  65. Queen Jules
  66. Bella
  67. Blow
  68. Mellow
  69. Tory
  70. Toy White Forklift
  71. Toy Yellow Forklift
  72. Star Tayo
  73. Tee Tee
  74. Suv
  75. Jeep
  76. Vicky
  77. Linda
  78. Alfred
  79. Tires
  80. Ringy
  81. Bricki
  82. Rackstraw
  83. Firebird
  84. Bluey
  85. Larry
  86. Spinny
  87. Gena
  88. Porter
  89. Roley
  90. Trix
  91. Martin
  92. Gerrald
  93. Cecily
  94. Georges
  95. Lifty
  96. Crani
  97. Guffy
  98. Wheelie
  99. Gary
  100. Jerry
  101. Teresa
  102. Katy
  103. Baja
  104. Toy Blue Car
  105. Racey
  106. Zooma
  107. Mayor Goodwheels
  108. Togi
  109. Rani
  110. Sani
  111. Mira
  112. Firebird
  113. Nick
  114. Number 1
  115. Limousine
  116. Muddy Tayo
  117. Jeepneys Bus
  118. Tejeros Ambulance
  119. Lobo
  120. Stelli
  121. Smell
  122. Silver
  123. Hayla
  124. Lars
  125. Smokey
  126. Teddy
  127. Brock
  128. Tank
  129. Jumbo
  130. Bopper (Helicopter)
  131. Beep (Police Car)
  132. Ben (Fire Engine)
  133. Scooter (Taxicab)
  134. Major
  135. Zuzu
  136. Patricia
  137. Painter
  138. Nick
  139. Laluna
  140. Helga
  141. Toby (Tugboat)
  142. Francis
  143. Framm
  144. Firedrawn
  145. Mr. Omnibus
  146. Spit
  147. Victor
  148. Oil
  149. Dash
  150. Skidy
  151. Dricella
  152. Fabrice
  153. Old Jackie
  154. Drop
  155. Helen
  156. Paser
  157. Patrick (Toyota Patrol Car)
  158. Lanmigi Ava
  159. Teoni
  160. Nash
  161. White Tour Bus
  162. Mr Cruise Ship
  163. Vauxhall White Van
  164. Citroen Red Car
  165. Silver Nissian Car
  166. Mitsabishi White Car
  167. Nissian Brown Car
  168. Benda
  169. Betsy

Classic HumansEdit

This theme features Human characters in their regular looks.

  1. Hana
  2. Rookie
  3. Duri
  4. Jinnie
  5. Jimmy
  6. Jenny
  7. Joey
  8. Fireball
  9. Princess Ray
  10. Jerry
  11. Asura


This theme features animal characters in their regular looks.

  1. Blacky
  2. Mr.Whiskers
  3. Tweet
  4. Fuzzy
  5. Oink
  6. Batty
  7. Snaily
  8. Leo
  9. Goldie
  10. Pokey

Genderbent VechiclesEdit

This theme features characters painted like characters as their opposite genders.

  1. Tayo (Female Version)
  2. Rogi (Female Version)
  3. Lani (Male Version)
  4. Gani (Female Version)
  5. Citu (Female Version)
  6. Peanut (Female Version)
  7. Heart (Male Version)
  8. Nuri (Male Version)
  9. Turi (Femalw Version)
  10. Pat (Female Version)
  11. Alice (Male Version)
  12. Frank (Female Version)
  13. Air (Female Version)
  14. Speed (Female Version)
  15. Shine (Female Version)
  16. Toto (Female Version)
  17. Toni (Male Version)
  18. Iratcha (Female Version)
  19. Big (Female Version)
  20. Carry (Male Version)
  21. Bongbong (Female Version)
  22. Oli (Female Version)
  23. Small (Female Version)
  24. Tiny (Female Version)
  25. Rubby (Female Version)
  26. Kinder (Female Version)
  27. Miss Teach (Male Version)
  28. Billy (Female Version)
  29. Poco (Female Version)
  30. Chris (Female Version)
  31. Max (Female Version)
  32. Squishy (Female Version)
  33. Buddy (Female Version)
  34. Jimmy (Female Version)
  35. Bob (Female Version)
  36. Dan (Female Version)
  37. Sloth (Female Version)
  38. Met (Female Version)
  39. Tramy (Male Version)
  40. Sky (Female Version)
  41. More Coming Soon!

Genderbent HumansEdit

This theme features human characters as their opposite genders.

  1. Hana (Male Version)
  2. Rookie (Female Version)
  3. More Coming Soon!

Genderbent AnimalsEdit

This theme features animal characters as their opposite genders.

  1. Coming Soon!

Core MomentsEdit

This theme features characters with moments from old episodes, movies and other stories.

  1. Princess Lani (from Lani the Princess)
  2. Damaged Speed and Damaged Shine (from Speeding is Dangerous!)
  3. Plane Tayo, Driller Rogi, Submarine Lani and Monster Truck Gani (from Tayo's Earth Defense Plan)
  4. Sand Covered Max and Paint-Splattered Poco (from It's Hard to Behave)
  5. Nuri as Yellow Flash (from Nuri is a Superstar)
  6. Young Citu (from Cito's Secret)
  7. Sweeper Rogi and "Day Off" Rubby (from Rogi the Sweeper)
  8. Circus Billy, Circus Poco, Circus Chris and Circus Max (from We Are the Heavy-Duty Circus)
  9. Boiling Shine (from Let's Be Friends)
  10. Turbo Speed and Turbo Shine (from Speeding is Dangerous!)
  11. Towrope Heart (from Heart's Towrope)
  12. Beige Heart (from The New Friend, Heart)
  13. Damaged Blow, Damaged Tory and Damaged Mellow (from The Tayo Movie: Mission: Ace)
  14. Space Rocket Tayo, Space Rocket Rogi, Space Rocket Lani and Space Rocket Gani (from Tayo's Space Adventure)
  15. Ride-On Tayo, Doll Hana and Robot Duri (from The Tayo Movie: Mission: Ace)
  16. Damaged Ace (from The Tayo Movie: Mission: Ace)
  17. Damaged Bella (from The Tayo Movie: Mission Ace)
  18. Tired Lani, Tired Tayo, Tired Gani and Tired Rogi (from I Can't Sleep)
  19. Determined Tayo and Exhausted Gani (from Gani Is Sick)
  20. Shiny Tires Tayo (from I Want New Tires)
  21. Muddled Big (from I'll Help You, Big)
  22. Daredevil Rogi (from Daredevil Rogi)
  23. Transforming Tayo (from Tiny Tayo)
  24. Union Jack Tayo, Big Ben Rogi, Houses of Parliament Lani and London Eye Gani (from A Trip to London)
  25. Blushing Tayo and Blushing Lani (from The Relationship)
  26. Detective Rogi (from Rogi the Detective!)
  27. Bow Tie Lani (from The Relationship)
  28. Monster Lani, Frightened Tayo, Frightened Rogi,Frightned Gani, and Frightened Peanut (from Lani's Outrage)
  29. Red Team Gani and Blue Team Tayo (from Which Team?)
  30. Nurse Lani and Injured Gani ( Nurse Lani)
  31. Gas Pump Gani (from Gas Time Gani)
  32. Speed "In Love" (from I Want To Be Your Friend)
  33. Clover Tayo (from Tayo's Space Adventure)
  34. Dirty Tayo (from Tayo Gets Lost)
  35. Tayo with "Dripping Fuel Tank" (from Tayo's Fuel Leak)

Five Nights at Freddy's (US & Canada only)Edit

This theme features characters painted like Five Nights at Freddy's characters.

  1. Rookie as The Night Gaurd
  2. Tayo as Freddy Fazbear
  3. Rogi as Bonnie
  4. Lani as Chica
  5. Gani as Foxy
  6. Citu as Golden Freddy
  7. Speed as Toy Freddy
  8. Shine as Toy Bonnie
  9. Heart as Toy Chica
  10. Nuri as Mangle
  11. Peanut as Balloon Boy
  12. Tramy as JJ
  13. Toto as The Puppet
  14. Frank as Withered Bonnie
  15. Alice as Withered Chica
  16. Pat as Withered Freddy
  17. Air as Withered Foxy
  18. Big as Withered Golden Freddy
  19. Poco as Springtrap
  20. Chris (Female Version) as Phantom Chica
  21. Billy as Phantom Freddy
  22. Max as Phantom Foxy
  23. Toni as Phantom Mangle
  24. Rubby as Phantom Balloon Boy
  25. Iratcha as The Phantom Puppet
  26. Joey as The Purple Guy
  27. Booba as Shadow Freddy
  28. Wondie as Shadow Bonnie
  29. Duri as The Crying Child
  30. Ace as Fredbear
  31. Reo as Spring Bonnie
  32. Tayo as Nightmare Freddy
  33. Rogi as Nightmare Bonnie
  34. Lani as Nightmare Chica
  35. Gani as Nightmare Foxy
  36. Ace as Nightmare Fredbear
  37. Tory as Plushtrap
  38. Rex as Nightmare
  39. Cooku as Jack O Bonnie
  40. Nana as Jack O Chica
  41. Miss Teach as Nightmare Mangle
  42. Mellow as Nightmare Balloon Boy
  43. Blow as NightMarionne
  44. Hana as Mr.Aftons Daughter
  45. Heart as Baby
  46. Bongbong as Bidybab
  47. Bella as Ballora
  48. Oli (Female Version) as Minirena
  49. Peanut as Funtime Freddy
  50. Kinder as Funtime Foxy
  51. Tramy as Ennard

Steven UniverseEdit

This theme features characters painted like as Steven Universe characters.

  1. Tayo as Steven
  2. Gani (Female Version) as Garnet
  3. Lani as Pearl
  4. Rogi (Female Version) as Amethyst
  5. Rookie as Greg
  6. Heart as Connie
  7. Cooku as Lars
  8. Nana as Sadie
  9. Pat (Female Version) as Peridot
  10. Alice as Lapis Lazuli
  11. Frank (Female Version) as Jasper
  12. Hana as Rose Quartz
  13. Leo as Lion
  14. Rani as Ruby
  15. Sani as Sapphire
  16. Tramy (Male Version) as Onion
  17. Peanut as Stevonnie
  18. Carry as Opal
  19. Poco (Female Version) as Sugilite
  20. Miss Teach as Sardonyx
  21. Miss Magician as Alexandrite
  22. Citu (Female Version) as Bismuth
  23. Gerrald (Female Version) as Yellow Diamond
  24. Queen Jules as Blue Diamond
  25. Tory (Female Version) as Yellow Pearl
  26. Bella as Blue Pearl

Thomas & FriendsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Thomas & Friends characters.

  1. Tayo as Thomas
  2. Peanut as Percy
  3. Rogi as James
  4. Poco as Gordon
  5. Citu as Henry
  6. Gani as Edward
  7. Wondie as Edward
  8. Booba as Toby
  9. Lani as Emily
  10. Rookie as The Fat Controller
  11. Billy as Spencer
  12. Nana as Rosie
  13. Rubby as Whiff
  14. Met as Stanley
  15. Gerrald as Diesel
  16. Nuri as Mavis
  17. Woolly as Salty
  18. Sky as Cranky
  19. Air as Harold
  20. Cooku as Bertie
  21. Grandma Car as Henrietta
  22. Rani as Annie
  23. Sani as Clarabel
  24. Bongbong as Bill
  25. Oli as Ben
  26. Pat as Duck
  27. Speed as Donald
  28. Shine as Douglas
  29. Toto as Oliver (Engine)
  30. Blow as Toad
  31. Ractor as Terence
  32. Champ as Trevor
  33. Iratcha as Boco
  34. Toni as Daisy
  35. Hana as Lady Hatt
  36. Bully's Minion #1 as Iron Arry
  37. Bully's Minion #2 as Iron Bert
  38. Bully's Minion #3 as Splatter
  39. Bully's Minion #4 as Dodge
  40. Bully as Diesel 10
  41. Princess Ray as Lady
  42. Carry as Molly
  43. Big as Murdoch
  44. Heart as Caroline
  45. Squishy as George
  46. Blacky as Gremlin
  47. Booba as Skarloey
  48. Wondie as Rheneas
  49. Citu as Sir Handel
  50. Lani (Male Version) as Peter Sam
  51. Tayo as Rusty
  52. Rogi as Duncan
  53. Gani as Freddie
  54. Rookie as The Thin Controller
  55. Peanut as Luke
  56. Pat as Winston
  57. Sky as Owen
  58. Ractor as Nelson
  59. Billy as Jack
  60. Poco as Alfie
  61. Jimmy as Oliver (Excavator)
  62. Max as Max
  63. Dan as Monty
  64. Crani (Female Version) as Kelly
  65. Buddy as Byron
  66. Crani (Female) as Isobela
  67. Chris as Patrick
  68. Sloth as Buster
  69. Crani as Rocky
  70. Toy White Forklift as Victor
  71. Toy Yellow Forklift as Kevin
  72. Kinder as Charlie
  73. Met as Hiro
  74. Tory as Bash
  75. Mellow as Dash
  76. Blow as Ferdinand
  77. Iratcha as Scruff
  78. Toto as Butch
  79. Frank as Flynn
  80. Alice as Belle
  81. Toy White Forklift as Den
  82. Toy Yellow Forklift as Dart
  83. Woolly as Paxton
  84. Tramy as Millie
  85. Cooku as Connor
  86. Nana as Caitlin
  87. Jimmy as The Flying Scotsman
  88. Poco as Shooting Star Gordon
  89. Tayo as Streamlined Thomas
  90. Lani as Streamlined Emily

Robocar Poli (US, Korea, China, France, Israel, Russia & Japan only)Edit

This theme features vehicles painted like Robocar Poli characters.

  1. Pat as Poli
  2. Frank as Roy
  3. Alice as Amber
  4. Air as Helly
  5. Hana as Jin
  6. Kinder as SchoolB
  7. Rubby as Cleany
  8. Toto as Spooky
  9. Max as Dumpoo
  10. Billy as Bruner
  11. Poco as Poke
  12. Squishy as Max
  13. Chris as Mickey
  14. Citu as Mr. Whooper
  15. Booba as Mr. Musty
  16. Lani as Mini
  17. Rogi as Rody
  18. Gani as Beny
  19. Nuri (Male Version) as Cap
  20. Toni (Male Version) as Posty
  21. Big as Terry
  22. Hauli as See See
  23. Sailor as Marine
  24. Mighty as Titan
  25. Ace as Mark
  26. Reo as Bucky

Fijit FriendsEdit

This theme features female vehicles painted like Mattel's Fijit Friends.

  1. Nuri as Willa
  2. Tayo (Female Version) as Sage
  3. Lani as Serafina
  4. Rogi (Female Version) as Logan

Undertale (US only)Edit

This theme features vehicles painted like Undertale characters.

  1. Duri as Frisk
  2. Jinnie as Chara
  3. Tory as Flowey
  4. Citu (Female Version) as Toriel
  5. Tayo as Sans
  6. Peanut as Papyrus
  7. Rogi (Female Version) as Undyne
  8. Gani (Female Version) as Alphys
  9. Larry as Mettaton
  10. Reo as Mettaton EX
  11. Citu as Asgore
  12. Bully as Omega Flowey
  13. Woolly as Asriel
  14. Gerrald as Asriel Dreamurr
  15. Bully as Asriel the Absoloute God of Hyperdeath
  16. Rogi (Female Version) as Undyne the Undying
  17. Ace as Mettaton Neo
  18. Tayo as Glowing Eye Sans
  19. Bongbong as Monster Kid
  20. Tramy (Male Version) as Napstablook
  21. Billy as Mad Dummy
  22. Miss Teach as Muffet
  23. Chris as Grillby
  24. Booba as Gerson
  25. Rani as Bratty
  26. Sani as Catty
  27. Iratcha as Burgerpants
  28. Ice Cream Truck as The Nice Cream Guy
  29. Kinder as Onionsan
  30. Heart as Temmie
  31. Blacky as The Annoying Dog
  32. Toto as Lesser Dog
  33. Air as Greater Dog
  34. Pat as Doggo
  35. Frank as Dogamy
  36. Alice as Dogaressa
  37. Shine as Royal Gaurd 01
  38. Speed as Royal Gaurd 02
  39. Max as Glyde
  40. Squishy as So Sorry
  41. Wondie as W.D Gaster

Super Wings (US & Korea only)Edit

This theme features characters painted like Super Wings characters.

  1. Tayo as Jett
  2. Gani as Donnie
  3. Lani as Dizzy
  4. Rogi as Jerome
  5. Pat as Paul
  6. Windy as Bello
  7. Nuri as Mira
  8. Booba as Grand Albert
  9. Ace as Chase
  10. Princess Ray as Astra
  11. Billy (Young Version) as Todd
  12. Speed as Flip
  13. Rookie as Jimbo
  14. Hana as Sky
  15. Big as Bigwing
  16. Peanut as Roy
  17. Toni (Male Version) as Tom
  18. Nuri (Male Version) as Sammy

Blaze and the Monster MachinesEdit

This theme features characters are painted like Blaze and the Monster Machines characters.

  1. Tayo as Blaze
  2. Duri as AJ
  3. Hana as Gabby
  4. Gerrald as Crusher
  5. Peanut as Pickle
  6. Rogi as Darington
  7. Toto as Zeg
  8. Shine as Stripes
  9. Nana as Starla
  10. Citu as Bump Bumperman

Roary the Racing CarEdit

This theme features vehicles painted like Roary the Racing Car characters.

  1. Tayo as Roary
  2. Rogi as Maxi
  3. Lani as Cici
  4. Lani (Male Version) as Drifter
  5. Gani as Tin Top
  6. Citu as Big Chris
  7. Toto as Plugger
  8. Ractor as Farmer Green
  9. Champ as Flat Bed/FB
  10. Hana as Marsha
  11. Heart as Zippee
  12. Rookie as PC Pete
  13. Pat as Nick
  14. Booba as Mr.Carburettor
  15. Air as Hellie
  16. Grandma Car as Mama Mia
  17. Rex as James
  18. Wondie as Rusty
  19. Big as Loada
  20. Cecily as Breeze
  21. Reo as Conrod
  22. Speed as Flash
  23. Iratcha as Molecolm
  24. Pokey as Dinkie

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Edit

This theme features vehicles painted like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters.

  1. Tayo (Female Version) as Twilight Sparkle
  2. Rogi (Female Version) as Rainbow Dash
  3. Peanut (Female Version) as Pinkie Pie
  4. Lani as Rarity
  5. Tramy as Fluttershy
  6. Gani (Female Version) as Applejack
  7. Bongbong as Spike
  8. Hana as Princess Celestia
  9. Queen Jules as Nightmare Moon
  10. Bella as Princess Luna
  11. Alice as Princess Cadace
  12. Frank as Shining Armor
  13. Sky as Discord
  14. Miss Teach as Cheerilee
  15. Iratcha (Female Version) as Derpy Hooves
  16. Citu as Big Macintosh
  17. Booba (Female Version) as Granny Smith
  18. Blow (Female Version) as Apple Bloom
  19. Tory (Female Version) as Scootaloo
  20. Mellow (Female Version) as Sweetie Belle

Mr. Men & Little Miss (UK & Japan only)Edit

This theme features vehicles painted like Mr. Men & Little Miss characters.

  1. Tayo as Mr. Happy
  2. Lani as Little Miss Sunshine
  3. Iratcha as Mr. Bump
  4. Rogi as Mr.Messy
  5. Frank as Mr. Tall
  6. Citu as Mr. Clever
  7. Pat as Mr. Grumpy
  8. Speed as Mr. Rush
  9. Heart as Little Miss Giggles
  10. Peanut as Mr. Tickle
  11. Gani as Mr. Worry
  12. Max as Mr. Strong
  13. Chris as Mr. Silly
  14. Bongbong as Mr. Small
  15. Big as Mr.Nosey
  16. Nuri as Little Miss Bossy
  17. Tramy as Little Miss Whoops
  18. Miss Magician as Little Miss Magic
  19. Toni as Little Miss Splendid
  20. Cecily as Little Miss Daredevil

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

This theme features vehicles painted like SpongeBob SquarePants characters.

  1. Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants
  2. Iratcha as Patrick Star
  3. Pat as Squidward Tentacles
  4. Citu as Mr. Krabs
  5. Bully as Sheldon J. Plankton
  6. Nana as Sandy Cheeks
  7. Snaily as Gary
  8. Miss Teach as Mrs. Puff
  9. Poco as Larry
  10. Lani as Pearl Krabs
  11. Reo as Mermaid Man
  12. Gani as Barnacle Boy
  13. Alice as Karen
  14. Gerrald as The Flying Dutchman
  15. Peanut as Karate SpongeBob

Adventure TimeEdit

This theme features vehicles painted like Adventure Time characters.

  1. Tayo as Finn
  2. Rogi as Jake
  3. Citu as Ice King
  4. Hana as Princess Bubblegum
  5. Nuri as Marceline
  6. Peanut as Beemo
  7. Heart as Lady Rainicorn
  8. Bella as Lumpy Space Princess
  9. Toni as Flame Princess
  10. Mellow as Peppermint Butler

Talking Tom & FriendsEdit

This theme features vehicles painted like Talking Tom & Friends characters.

  1. Tayo as Tom
  2. Gani as Ben
  3. Lani as Angela
  4. Peanut as Ginger
  5. Iratcha as Hank
  6. Rogi as Pierre
  7. Bella as Gina
  8. Rubby as Larry

Rescue VechiclesEdit

This theme features characters painted like Rescue Vechicles.

  1. Police Car Tayo
  2. Fire Truck Rogi
  3. Ambulance Lani
  4. Helicopter Gani


This theme features vehicles painted like racing cars.

  1. Turbocharged Tayo
  2. Neon Racer Rogi
  3. Stock Car Lani
  4. Dragster Gani
  5. Open-Wheeled Citu
  6. N20 Peanut
  7. Supercharged Heart
  8. Racing Truck Toto
  9. Lightning Speed
  10. Flaming Shine
  11. Hot Rod Ace
  12. Sparking Bongbong


This theme features vehicles painted like construction vehicles.

  1. Bulldozer Tayo
  2. Excavator Rogi
  3. Concrete Mixer Lani
  4. Dump Truck Gani
  5. Steam Roller Citu
  6. Crane Peanut
  7. Front Loader Heart
  8. Cherry Picker Toto
  9. Digger Speed
  10. Forklift Bella


This theme features vehicles painted like off-road vehicles.

  1. Pick-Up Truck Tayo
  2. Dune Buggy Rogi
  3. Quad Bike Lani
  4. Rally Racer Gani
  5. Monster Truck Citu


This theme features characters dressed up as things that relate with railways.

  1. Subway Train Tayo
  2. Tender Engine Rogi
  3. Steam Engine Lani
  4. Bullet Train Gani
  5. Tram Engine Citu
  6. Passenger Train Peanut
  7. Diesel Engine Heart


This theme features vehicles painted like JCB characters.

  1. Tayo as Joey
  2. Citu as Doug
  3. Rogi as Larry
  4. Chris as Marty
  5. The Hi-Speed Train as Max
  6. Poco as Elvis
  7. Lani as Roxy
  8. Sky as Charlie
  9. Frank as Frankie
  10. Ractor as Freddie
  11. Squishy as Rex
  12. Toto as Rocco
  13. Billy as Lenny
  14. Peanut as Dan
  15. Max as Dexter
  16. Big as Tommy

Bob the BuilderEdit

This theme features characters painted like Bob the Builder characters.

  1. Rookie as Bob
  2. Hana as Wendy
  3. Duri as Leo
  4. Rogi as Scoop
  5. Tayo as Muck
  6. Gani as Lofty
  7. Lani as Dizzy
  8. Squishy as Roley
  9. Big as Two-Tonne
  10. Sky as Tiny
  11. Peanut as Shifter
  12. Larry as Tread
  13. Poco as Stretch
  14. Billy as Ace
  15. Max as Thud
  16. Jimmy as Crunch

Annoying OrangeEdit

This theme features vehicles painted like Annoying Orange characters.

  1. Tayo as Orange
  2. Gani as Pear
  3. Rogi as Grapefruit
  4. Lani as Passion Fruit
  5. Lani (Male Version) as Midget Apple
  6. Peanut as Marshmallow
  7. Booba as Grandpa Lemon
  8. Citu as Apple
  9. Squishy as Squash

Mickey Mouse & FriendsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Mickey Mouse & Friends characters.

  1. Tayo as Mickey Mouse
  2. Lani as Minnie Mouse
  3. Rogi as Donald Duck
  4. Nuri as Daisy Duck
  5. Iratcha as Goofy
  6. Blacky as Pluto
  7. Bully as Pete
  8. Nana as Clarabel Cow
  9. Cooku as Horace Horsecollar
  10. Shine as Chip
  11. Speed as Dale
  12. Booba as Scrooge McDuck
  13. Wondie as Ludwig Von Drake
  14. Blow as Huey
  15. Tory as Dewey
  16. Mellow as Louie
  17. Toto as Max Goof
  18. Gerrald as Mortimer Mouse
  19. Reo as Jose Carioca
  20. Ace as Panchito Pistoles
  21. Lani (Male Version) as Oswald The Lucky Rabbit
  22. Tayo (Female Version) as Ortensia


This theme features characters painted like Winnie-the-Pooh characters.

  1. Tayo as Pooh
  2. Lani (Male Version) as Piglet
  3. Rogi as Tigger
  4. Gani as Eeyore
  5. Citu as Rabbit
  6. Booba as Owl
  7. Carry as Kanga
  8. Bongbong as Roo
  9. Duri as Christopher Robin


This theme features characters painted like Cars characters.

  1. Tayo as Lighting McQueen
  2. Iratcha as Mater
  3. Lani as Sally
  4. Nuri as Cruz Ramirez
  5. Wondie as Doc Hudson
  6. Booba as Sarge
  7. Citu as Fillmore
  8. Speed as Chick Hicks
  9. Gani as The King
  10. Rogi as Francesco Bernoulli
  11. Reo as Max Schnell
  12. Ace as Finn McMissile
  13. Heart as Holley Shiftwell
  14. Shine as Jackson Storm
  15. Toto as Ivan
  16. Cecily as Carla Veloso

Inside OutEdit

This theme features characters painted like Inside Out characters.

  1. Lani as Joy
  2. Tayo (Female Version) as Sadness
  3. Gani as Fear
  4. Rogi as Anger
  5. Nuri as Disgust
  6. Peanut as Bing-Bong

Big Hero 6Edit

This theme features characters painted like Big Hero 6 characters.

  1. Duri as Hiro
  2. Ace as Baymax
  3. Rookie as Tadashi

Monsters Inc.Edit

This theme features characters painted like Monsters Inc. characters.

  1. Tayo as Mike Wazowski
  2. Rogi as James P. Sullivan


This theme features vehicles with stamps of stars on their sides.

  1. Tayo
  2. Speed
  3. Frank
  4. Air
  5. Billy
  6. Chris
  7. Bongbong
  8. Nana
  9. Cooku
  10. Champ
  11. Reo
  12. Rex
  13. Mellow


This theme features vechicles with stamps of a heart on their sides.

  1. Lani
  2. Peanut
  3. Heart
  4. Nuri
  5. Alice
  6. Kinder
  7. Small
  8. Tramy
  9. Bella
  10. Windy

Lightening BoltsEdit

This theme features vechicles with stamps of lightening bolts on their sides.

  1. Rogi
  2. Shine
  3. Toni
  4. Cecily
  5. Poco
  6. Max
  7. Squishy
  8. Oli
  9. Ace
  10. Tory

Quarter MoonsEdit

This theme features vechicles with stamps of a quarter moon on their sides.

  1. Gani
  2. Citu
  3. Pat
  4. Toto
  5. Rubby
  6. Miss Teach
  7. Big
  8. Carry
  9. Tiny
  10. Rubby
  11. Bubba
  12. Wondie
  13. Sky
  14. Ractor
  15. Iratcha
  16. Blow


This theme features female vehicles with make-up on their faces.

  1. Lani
  2. Heart
  3. Nuri
  4. Toni
  5. Alice
  6. Tramy
  7. Cecily
  8. Nana

Limited EditionEdit

Also known as Special, this theme features vehicles with special paint jobs.

  1. Gold Tayo
  2. Silver Rogi
  3. Bronze Lani
  4. Platium Gani
  5. Metal Citu
  6. Steel Peanut
  7. Glittery Heart
  8. Glow in the Dark Nuri
  9. Transparent Toni
  10. Ruby Tory
  11. Saphire Blow
  12. Emerald Mellow
  13. Crystal Pat
  14. Diamond Frank
  15. Pearl Alice
  16. Neon Betsy
  17. Sparkling Shine
  18. Metallic Speed
  19. Shiny Bella
  20. Clear Metallic Tramy


This theme features vehicles with stamps of fireflies on their sides, possibly inspired by the episode Nana's Invitation.

  1. Gani
  2. Nana
  3. Rex
  4. Cooku
  5. Mellow
  6. Tayo
  7. Blow
  8. Lani
  9. Rogi
  10. Tramy
  11. Larry


This theme features characters painted like Animaniacs characters.

  1. Rogi as Yakko Warner
  2. Tayo as Wakko Warner
  3. Lani as Dot Warner
  4. Bully as Brain
  5. Woolly as Pinky
  6. Bella as Slappy the Squirrel
  7. Peanut as Skippy the Squirrel
  8. Mellow as Squit
  9. Tory as Pesto
  10. Blow as Bobby
  11. Toni as Rita
  12. Iratcha as Runt
  13. Blacky as Buttons
  14. Bongbong (Female Version) as Mindy
  15. Citu as Dr. Otto Scratchansniff
  16. Hana as Hello Nurse
  17. Rookie as Ralph the Gaurd
  18. Booba as Thaddeus Plotz/Mr.Plotz
  19. Heart as Minerva Mink
  20. Pat as Newt


This theme features characters painted like Chuggington characters.

  1. Tayo as Wilson
  2. Gani as Brewster
  3. Rogi (Female Version) as Koko
  4. Hana as Vee
  5. Citu as Dunbar
  6. Booba as Old Puffer Pete
  7. Alice as Calley
  8. Nuri (Male Version) as Hodge
  9. Lani as Zephie
  10. Big as Harrison
  11. Met as Chatsworth
  12. Rogi as Emery
  13. Pat as Irving
  14. Grandma Car as Olwin
  15. Windy as Mtambo
  16. Ice Cream Truck as Frostini
  17. Ace as Action Chugger
  18. Reo as Speedy McAllister
  19. Peanut as Hoot
  20. Tramy as Toot
  21. Bongbong (Female Version) as Piper
  22. Lifty as Skylar
  23. Carry as Decka
  24. Tayo as Chug Patrol Wilson
  25. Alice as Chug Patrol Calley
  26. Frank as Jackman
  27. Air as Asher
  28. Gani as Chuggineer Brewster
  29. Billy as Zack
  30. Poco as Fletch
  31. Chris (Female Version) as Tyne
  32. Rogi (Female Version) as Chug-A-Sonic Koko
  33. The Hi-Speed Train as Hanzo
  34. Speed (Female Version) as Payce
  35. Crani as Cormac

Chuck & FriendsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Chuck & Friends characters.

  1. Tayo as Chuck
  2. Toto as Handy
  3. Gani as Boomer
  4. Iratcha as Rowdy
  5. Shine as Soku
  6. Rogi as Biggs
  7. Toni (Male Version) as Digger
  8. Speed as Flip
  9. Lani as Chassie


This theme features characters painted as the 7 colours of the rainbow. All of these vehicles will also be included in the die-cast pack "Rainbow Wonder".

  1. Red Tayo
  2. Orange Gani
  3. Yellow Rogi
  4. Green Lani
  5. Blue Citu
  6. Indigo Heart
  7. Violet Peanut

PAW PatrolEdit

This theme features characters painted like PAW Patrol characters.

  1. Citu (Young Version) as Ryder
  2. Gani as Chase
  3. Rogi as Marshall
  4. Tayo as Rocky
  5. Peanut as Rubble
  6. Lani as Skye
  7. Lani (Male Version) as Zuma
  8. Nuri as Everest
  9. Toto as Tracker

Inanimate InsanityEdit

This theme features characters painted like Inanimate Insanity characters.

  1. Citu as Mephone
  2. Met as MePad
  3. Woolly as Toilet
  4. Tayo as Baseball
  5. Rogi as Nickel
  6. Tramy as Suitcase
  7. Peanut as Balloon
  8. Nana as Lightbulb
  9. Cooku as Paintbrush
  10. Gani as OJ
  11. Lani (Male Version) as Paper
  12. Lani as Marshmallow
  13. Toni as Apple

Lights & SoundsEdit

This theme features vehicles that have a talking and light-up feature whenever the button is pressed.

  1. Tayo
  2. Rogi
  3. Lani
  4. Gani
  5. Citu
  6. Peanut
  7. Heart

Angry BirdsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Angry Birds characters.

  1. Rogi as Red
  2. Speed as Chuck
  3. Toto as Bomb
  4. Lani as Matilda
  5. Blow as The Blues #1
  6. Mellow as The Blues #2
  7. Tory as The Blues #3
  8. Big as Terence
  9. Shine as Hal
  10. Peanut as Bubbles
  11. Heart as Stella
  12. Toni as Poppy
  13. Bongbong as Luca
  14. Nuri as Dahlia
  15. Tramy as Willow
  16. Queen Jules as The Bad Princess
  17. Bella as Gale
  18. Bully's Minion #1 as Minion Pig
  19. Bully as King Pig
  20. Woolly as Ross
  21. Cecily as Silver
  22. Met as The Mighty Eagle

Ed, Edd n Eddy (US & Canada only)Edit

This theme features characters painted like Ed,Edd N Eddy characters.

  1. Tayo as Ed
  2. Gani as Edd
  3. Rogi as Eddy
  4. Gerrald as Kevin
  5. Lani as Nazz
  6. Citu (Young Version) as Rolf
  7. Peanut as Johnny
  8. Mellow as Plank
  9. Tory (Female Version) as Sarah
  10. Bongbong as Jimmy
  11. Queen Jules (Young Version) as Lee Kanker
  12. Bella (Young Version) as Marie Kanker
  13. Woolly (Female Version) as May Kanker
  14. Bully as Eddy's Older Brother


This theme features characters painted like Teletubbies characters.

  1. Gani as Tinky-Winky
  2. Rogi as Dipsy
  3. Lani as Laa-Laa
  4. Tayo (Female Version) as Po


This theme features characters painted like Pac-Man characters.

  1. Frank as Pac-Man
  2. Alice as Ms. Pac-Man
  3. Rogi as Blinky
  4. Lani as Pinky
  5. Tayo as Inky
  6. Gani as Clyde


This theme features male characters painted as Minions characters.

  1. Citu as Kevin
  2. Peanut as Bob
  3. Rogi as Stuart
  4. Tayo as Dave
  5. Lani (Male Version) as Jerry
  6. Gani as Tim

The Loud HouseEdit

This theme features characters painted like Loud House characters.

  1. Tayo as Lincoln Loud
  2. Gani as Clyde McBride
  3. Nuri as Lori Loud
  4. Lani as Leni Loud
  5. Rogi (Female Version) as Luna Loud
  6. Tayo (Female Version) as Luan Loud
  7. Rogi (Female Version) as Lynn Loud
  8. Rogi (Female Version) as Lucy Loud
  9. Tayo (Female Version) as Lana Loud
  10. Lani as Lola Loud
  11. Gani (Female Version) as Lisa Loud
  12. Bongbong (Female Version) as Lily Loud
  13. Citu as Mr.Loud
  14. Citu (Female Version) as Mrs.Loud
  15. Rogi (Female Version) as Ronnie Anne Santiago
  16. Toto as Bobby Santiago
  17. Miss Teach as Mrs.Johnson
  18. Toni (Male Version) as Liam
  19. Toto as Zach
  20. Rogi as Rusty Spokes
  21. Peanut as Rocky Spokes
  22. Shine as Flat Tire
  23. Speed as Papa Wheelie

Gravity FallsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Gravity Falls characters.

  1. Gani as Dipper Pines
  2. Lani as Mabel Pines
  3. Booba as Stan Pines
  4. Chris as Soos
  5. Cecily as Wendy
  6. Oink as Waddles
  7. Woolly as Lil Gideon
  8. Bully as Bill Cipher
  9. Wondie as Ford Pines
  10. Tramy as Candy
  11. Bella as Grenda

Battle for Dream IslandEdit

This theme features characters painted like BFDI characters, and it is unknown which characters will be available

  1. Citu as The Speaker Box
  2. Big as Spongy
  3. Peanut as Rocky
  4. Nuri as Golf Ball
  5. Gani as Tennis Ball
  6. Gerrald as Snowball
  7. Bully's Minion #1 as Blocky
  8. Larry as Eraser
  9. Reo as Pen
  10. Rani as Pencil
  11. Sani as Match
  12. Nana as Bubble
  13. Tramy as Ice Cube
  14. Nuri as Book
  15. Heart as Ruby
  16. Lani as Leafy
  17. Tayo as Firey
  18. Speed as Coiny
  19. Shine as Nickel
  20. Peanut as Yellow Face
  21. Toto as Bomby
  22. Rogi as Fries
  23. Rogi as Gelatin
  24. Rubby as Woody
  25. Bella as Teardrop
  26. Bully (Female Version) as Flower
  27. Toni as Pin
  28. Iratcha as David
  29. Others Coming Soon!


This theme features characters painted like Rugrats characters.

  1. Tayo as Tommy Pickles
  2. Gani as Chuckie Finster
  3. Rogi as Phil Deville
  4. Heart as Lil Deville
  5. Gerrald (Female Version) Angelica Pickles
  6. Nuri as Susie Carmichael
  7. Bongbong as Dil Pickles
  8. Lani as Kimi Finster
  9. Blacky as Spike
  10. Ace as Reptar
  11. Bella as Cynthia


This theme features characters painted like Doug characters.

  1. Tayo as Doug Funnie
  2. Rogi as Skeeter Valentine
  3. Lani as Patti Mayonaise
  4. Gerrald as Roger Klotz
  5. Blacky as Porkchop
  6. Nuri as Beebe Bluff

Rocko's Modern LifeEdit

This theme features characters painted like Rocko's Modern Life characters.

  1. Tayo as Rocko
  2. Blacky as Spunky
  3. Rogi as Heffer Wolfe
  4. Gani as Filburt Turtle
  5. Gerrald as Ed Bighead
  6. Bella as Bev Bighead

Aaahh!!! Real MonstersEdit

This theme features characters painted like Aaahh!!! real monsters characters.

  1. Tayo as Ickis
  2. Lani as Oblina
  3. Gani as Krumm
  4. Bully as The Gromble

Hey Arnold!Edit

This theme features characters painted like Hey Arnold! character.

  1. Gani as Arnold P. Shortman
  2. Rogi as Gerald M. Johanssen
  3. Rogi (Female Version) as Helga G. Pataki
  4. Tramy as Phoebe Heyerdahl
  5. Booba as Grandpa Phil
  6. Grandma Car as Grandma Gertie
  7. Cooku as Harold Berman
  8. Speed as Stinky Peterson
  9. Shine as Sid
  10. Iratcha as Eugene Horowitz
  11. Nuri as Rhonda W. Lloyd
  12. Lani as Lila Sawyer
  13. Tayo as Arnie
  14. Gerrald as Wolfgang
  15. Bella (Young Version) as Big Patty
  16. Billy as Ernie Potts
  17. Poco as Mr.Hyunh
  18. Chris as Oskar Kokoshka

Angry BeaversEdit

This theme features characters painted like Angry Beavers characters.

  1. Cooku as Dagget
  2. Champ as Norbert


This theme features characters painted like CatDog characters.

  1. Citu as Cat
  2. Peanut as Dog
  3. Tory as Winslow

Minecraft:Story ModeEdit

This theme features characters painted Minecraft:Story Mode characters.

  1. Tayo as Jesse (male)
  2. Tayo (Female Version) as Jesse (female)
  3. Oink as Reuben
  4. Toto as Axel
  5. Nuri as Olivia
  6. Cecily as Petra
  7. Rogi as Lukas

Super Mario BrosEdit

This theme features characters painted like Super Mario Bros characters.

  1. Tayo as Mario
  2. Lani (Male Version) as Luigi
  3. Lani as Princess Peach
  4. Tayo (Female Version) as Princess Daisy
  5. Kinder as Toad
  6. Peanut as Yoshi
  7. Heart as Toadette
  8. Tramy as Birdo
  9. Booba as Toadsworth
  10. Speed as Wario
  11. Shine as Waluigi
  12. Chris as Donkey Kong
  13. Bully as Bowser
  14. Woolly as Bowser jr.
  15. Tayo as Larry Koopa
  16. Rogi as Morton Koopa Jr.
  17. Lani as Wendy O Koopa
  18. Gani as Iggy Koopa
  19. Poco as Roy Koopa
  20. Peanut as Lemmy Koopa
  21. Citu as Ludwig Von Koopa
  22. Princess Ray as Rosalina


This theme features characters painted Pokémon characters.

  1. Duri as Ash
  2. Tayo as Pikachu
  3. Gani as Charmander
  4. Rogi as Squirtle
  5. Lani as Bulbasaur
  6. Citu as Venusaur
  7. Hana as Nurse Joy
  8. Heart as Jigglypuff
  9. Peanut as Marill
  10. Kinder as Oddish
  11. Tramy as Cyndaquil
  12. Sky as Typhlosion
  13. Nuri as Eevee
  14. Rookie (Female Version) as Officer Jenny
  15. Pat as Arcanine
  16. Alice as Chansey
  17. Frank as Blastoise
  18. Air as Pidgeot
  19. Speed as Flareon
  20. Shine as Jolteon
  21. Toto as Treecko
  22. Toni as Froakie
  23. Iratcha as Psyduck
  24. Big as Snorlax
  25. More Coming Soon!

Pororo The Little Penguin (Korea only)Edit

This theme features characters painted like Pororo The Little Penguin characters.

  1. Tayo as Pororo
  2. Bongbong as Crong
  3. Lani as Petty
  4. Gani as Poby
  5. Rogi as Eddy
  6. Heart as Loopy
  7. Peanut as Harry

DC Super FriendsEdit

This theme features characters painted like DC Super Heroes.

  1. Frank as Superman
  2. Alice as Wonder Woman
  3. Pat as Batman
  4. Toto as Robin
  5. Bully as Joker
  6. Queen Jules as Harley Quinn
  7. Gerrald as Penguin
  8. Reo as The Flash
  9. Speed as Kid Flash
  10. Ace as Green Lantern

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEdit

This theme features characters painted like TMNT characters.

  1. Gani as Leonardo
  2. Lani (Male Version) as Donatello
  3. Rogi as Raphael
  4. Tayo as Michelangelo
  5. Citu as Master Splinter
  6. Bully as Shredder
  7. Hana as April O' Neill
  8. Rookie as Casey Jones
  9. Speed as Bebop
  10. Shine as Rocksteady

Bendy And the Ink MachineEdit

This theme features characters painted like Bendy And the Ink Machine characters.

  1. Tayo as Bendy
  2. Rogi as Boris
  3. Lani as Alice

Regular ShowEdit

This theme features characters painted like Regular Show characters.

  1. Tayo as Mordecai
  2. Rogi as Rigby
  3. Citu as Benson
  4. Peanut as Pops
  5. Gani as Skips
  6. Wondie as Skips
  7. Speed as Muscle Man
  8. Shine as High Five Ghost
  9. Lani as Margaret
  10. Tramy as Eileen


This theme features characters painted like Miraculous characters.

  1. Hana as Ladybug
  2. Rookie as Cat Noir
  3. Lani as Tikki
  4. Rogi as Plagg

Gaurdians of the GalaxyEdit

This theme features characters painted like Gaurdians of the Galaxy characters.

  1. Tayo as Star Lord
  2. Lani as Gamora
  3. Rogi as Drax
  4. Gani as Groot
  5. Bongbong as Baby Groot
  6. Tory as Rocket

Spacetoon EditionEdit

This theme features characters painted like Spacetoon.

  1. Adventure Tayo
  2. Zumorroda Lani
  3. Comedy Rogi
  4. Science Gani
  5. Action Ace
  6. Abjad Nuri
  7. History Toto
  8. Bonbon Bongbong
  9. Sports Speed
  10. Movies Shine

Poseable DollsEdit

  1. Hana
  2. Rookie
  3. Duri
  4. Jinnie
  5. Jenny
  6. Jimmy
  7. Joey
  8. Princess Ray
  9. Fireball
  10. Asura
  11. Jerry

Star vs. Forces of EvilEdit

This theme features characters painted like Star vs. Forces of Evil characters.

  1. Hana as Star Butterfly
  2. Rookie as Marco Diaz
  3. Lani as a Pony Head
  4. Citu as King River Butterfly
  5. Citu (Female Version) as Queen Moon Butterfly
  6. Bully as Toffee
  7. Wooly as ?

We Bare BearsEdit

This theme features characters painted like We Bare Bears characters.

  1. Tayo as Grizz
  2. Lani (Male Version) as Panda
  3. Gani as Ice Bear


This theme features characters painted like Clarence characters.

  1. Tayo as Clarence
  2. Rogi as Sumo
  3. Gani as Jeff

Finley The Fire EngineEdit

This theme features characters painted like Finley The Fire Engine characters.

  1. Tayo as Finley
  2. Rogi as Dex
  3. Lani as Isabelle
  4. Gani as Miguel
  5. Peanut as Scooty
  6. Tramy as Jesse
  7. Iratcha as Gorby
  8. Toni as DJ
  9. Citu as Captain Parker
  10. Hana as Abigail
  11. Frank as Captain Parker
  12. Alice as Abigail

Star WarsEdit

This theme features characters painted like Star Wars characters.

  1. Tayo as Luke Skywalker
  2. Cecily as Princess Leia
  3. Rogi as Han Solo
  4. Toto as Chewbacca
  5. Gani as C-3PO
  6. Peanut as R2-D2
  7. Citu as Obi-Wan-Kenobi
  8. Booba as Yoda
  9. Gerrald as Darth Vader
  10. Bully as Darth Sidious

Sonic The HedgehogEdit

This theme features characters painted like Sonic The Hedgehog characters.

  1. Tayo as Sonic
  2. Lani (Male Version) as Tails
  3. Rogi as Knuckles

Alvin and the ChipmunksEdit

This theme features characters painted like Alvin and the Chipmunks characters.

  1. Rogi as Alvin
  2. Gani as Simon
  3. Peanut as Theodore
  4. Citu as Dave

Power RangersEdit

This theme features characters painted like Power Rangers characters.

  1. Tayo as Red Ranger
  2. Rogi as Black Ranger
  3. Gani as Blue Ranger
  4. Lani as Pink Ranger
  5. Nuri as Yellow Ranger


This theme features characters painted like the new series of DuckTales.

  1. Booba as Scrooge McDuck
  2. Gani as Huey
  3. Tayo as Dewey
  4. Rogi as Louie
  5. Lani as Webby Vanderquack
  6. Grandma Car as Mrs.Beakley
  7. Air as Launchpad McQuack
  8. Citu as Donald Duck

The Amazing World Of GumballEdit

This theme features characters painted like The Amazing World of Gumball characters.

  1. Rogi as Gumball
  2. Gani as Darwin
  3. Lani as Anais
  4. Citu as Richard
  5. Hana as Nicole
  6. Nuri as Penny


  1. Tayo's Twistin' & Turnin' Racetrack Playset
  2. Rogi's Revvin' & Rippin' Racetrack Playset
  3. Lani's Lovely Roads Playset
  4. Gani's Great Roads Playset
  5. Citu's Calming Bridge Playset
  6. Peanut's Perky Mountain Playset
  7. Heart's Happy Highway
  8. Speed's Speedin' Racetrack playset
  9. Shine's Smashin' Racetrack playset
  10. Toto's Timing Obstacle Course playset
  11. Nuri's New Interstate Playset
  12. Bongbong's Baby Roads Playset
  13. Carry's Carryin' Trailer playset
  14. Frank's Firefightin' Rescue playset
  15. Nana's Nice Countryside Roads playset
  16. Cooku's Crazy Circuit playset
  17. Bully's Boomin' Space Fortress Playset
  18. Champ's Apple Harvest Bonanza Playset
  19. Ractor's Rushin' Low Key Farm Playset
  20. Billy's Bulky Site Playset
  21. Max's Mighty Dumpin' Playset
  22. Poco's Pickin' and Diggin' Playset
  23. Chris' Construction Course Playset
  24. Toni's Traffic Yard Playset
  25. Pat's Police City Playset
  26. Miss Teach's Schoolhouse Playset
  27. Big's Brilliant Loadin' Yard Playset
  28. Bubba's Parkin' Lot Playset
  29. Max and Joey's Magician Studio Playset
  30. Lani's Princess Parade Playset (includes Princess Lani, also available in the Core Moments theme)
  31. Rubby's Garbage Pickin' Recycling Centre Playset
  32. Air's Sky-High Rescue Playset
  33. Big's Harbour Motorised Playset
  34. Race Chase Playset (includes Ride-On Tayo)

Robocar Poli (US & Korea only)Edit

  1. Brooms Harbor Haul n' Go Playset (includes Sky as Leky, Crani as Lefy, as Lety, Big as Terry and Sailor as Marine)
  2. Brooms Town Rescue Station Playset (includes Pat as Poli, Frank as Roy, Alice as Amber and Air as Helly)
  3. Clean n' Go Recycling Depot Playset (includes Rubby as Cleany)

Super Wings (US & Korea only)Edit

  1. Jett's Hangar Playset (includes Tayo as Jett)
  2. Donnie's Workshop Hangar Playset (includes Gani as Donnie)
  3. World Airport Motorized Playset (includes Tayo as Jett, Gani as Donnie,Lani as Dizzy,Rogi as Jerome, Rookie as Jimbo, Big as Bigwing and Peanut as Roy)
  4. Dizzy's Hangar Playset (Includes Lani as Dizzy)
  5. Jerome's Hangar Playset (Includes Rogi as Jerome)
  6. Runway Racing Motorized Playset (includes Tayo as Jett, Pat as Paul, Nuri, as Mira, Windy as Bello, Booba as Grand Albert)
  7. Warehouse Playset (includes Rookie as Jimbo, Toni (Male Version) as Tom and Turi as Sammy)

Thomas & Friends Edit

  1. Launch n' Go Tidmouth Sheds Playset (includes Tayo as Thomas,Peanut as Percy & Rogi as James)
  2. Knapford Station Race Playset (includes Tayo as Thomas and Cooku as Bertie)
  3. Misty Island Race Motorised Playset (includes Tayo as Thomas, Tory as Bash, Mellow as Dash and Blow as Ferdinand)
  4. Tunnel Trouble Playset (includes Tayo as Thomas, Air as Harold and Pat as Duck)
  5. Hard at Work Brendam Docks Playset (includes Sky as Cranky, Tayo as Thomas, Woolly as Salty and Peanut as Percy)

Bob the BuilderEdit

  1. Sort n' Go Playset (includes Peanut as Shifter, Rogi as Scoop and Billy as Ace)

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

  1. Pineapple Derby Playset (includes Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants & Bully as Sheldon J. Plankton)
  2. Treedome Race Playset (includes Nana as Sandy Cheeks & Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants)
  3. Bikini Bottom Launch n' Go Playset (includes Iratcha as Patrick Star & Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants)
  4. Krusty Krab Motorised Playset (includes Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants,

Pat as Squidward & Citu as Mr. Krabs)

  1. Resturant Rhythm Motorised Playset (includes Bully as Sheldon J. Plankton & Citu as Mr. Krabs)
  2. New Kelp City Motorised Playset (includes Peanut as SpongeBob SquarePants ,Pat as Squidward Tentacles & Nana as Sandy Cheeks)

My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicEdit

  1. Bridge Jump Playset (includes Lani as Rarity,Bongbong as Spike)
  2. Ponyville Racetrack Motorised Playset (includes Rogi (Female Version) as Rainbow Dash and

Tayo (Female Version) as Twilight Sparkle)

  1. Farmyard Playset (includes Gani (Female Version) as Applejack and Citu as Big MacIntosh)
  2. Statue Derby Playset (includes Tayo (Female Version) as Twilight Sparkle,Bongbong as Spike and Bella as Princess Luna
  3. Fashion Parade Playset (includes Tayo (Female Version) as Twilight Sparkle,Bongbong as Spike and Lani as Rarity)


  1. Bridge Build Playset (includes Tayo as Joey ,Chris as Marty and Citu as Doug)

Charge n' GoEdit

This line features vehicles with a charging box and cable so they can race faster. They are diecasts as well.

  1. Tayo
  2. Rogi
  3. Lani
  4. Gani
  5. Citu
  6. Peanut
  7. Heart
  8. Nuri
  9. Turi
  10. Pat
  11. Alice
  12. Frank
  13. Air
  14. Speed
  15. Shine
  16. Toto
  17. Toni
  18. Iratcha
  19. Big
  20. Carry
  21. Bongbong
  22. Oli
  23. Small
  24. Tiny
  25. Rubby
  26. Kinder
  27. Miss Teach
  28. Billy
  29. Poco
  30. Chris
  31. Max
  32. Squishy
  33. Buddy
  34. Jimmy
  35. Bob
  36. Dan
  37. Sloth
  38. Met
  39. Tramy
  40. Reo
  41. Sky
  42. Nana
  43. Cooku
  44. Champ
  45. Ractor
  46. Booba
  47. Wondie
  48. Rex


  1. Charge n' Go Racetrack Playset
  2. Rubby's Charge n' Clean Playset
  3. Tramy and Sky's Charge n' Race Playset

The other vehicles are expected to be released:

  • Roley
  • Gerrald
  • Rani
  • Sani


  • Peanut as Percy's prototype features black eyes instead of green ones.
  • Lani's prototypes shared the same mould as Gani.
  • The vehicles have one-way magnets (similar to that on the Thomas Take-n-Play and Wooden Railway range).

Gallery Edit

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