Tayo meets Dream Street is a crossover.


Tayo, Rogi, Lani, Gani, Nuri and Tramy have a day off, so they decide to visit the wonderful, magical world of Dream Street. What kind of magical surprises will they find there? Let's go and find out, shall we?


Russ Abbot as the narrator, Tech, PC Snooze, PC Snore and PC Nodoff

Teresa Gallagher as Tayo and Nuri

Blake Harrison as Rogi

Emma Tate as Lani, Tramy and Half-Pint

Steven Kynman as Gani and Ractor

Keith Wickham as Citu

Charlotte Bellamy as Buddy and Daisy Do-Right

Chris Jarvis as Hot Rodney, Amber and Scarlet

Dave Benson Phillips as Jack Hammer and Ice Cool

Duncan Wisbey as Pat

Danny John Jules as Sky

Maria Darling as Heart

Rebecca O'Mara as Toni


  • This is the third Tayo Meets... crossover, the first being Tayo meets Heckerty.
    • This is also the second fanon Tayo Meets... crossover and only UK-only crossover.
  • This crossover reveals that Tramy might have a small crush on Half-Pint.

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