Tayo happily drives on the riverside highway and he says it is great.Carry the car transpoorter brakes when Aratcha dropped crates.The baby cars woke up and cried because it scared them.Carry didn't notice that she left Bongbong behind.Tayo showed Bong Bong around the city and Carry was crying because she left Bong bong.Tayo took Bong Bong to the Bus Garage and Bong Bong met Rogi,Lani ,Gani and Hana.Rogi pretended to be a monster truck and said boo.Bong Bong did the same thing.Tayo farted and said boom during each fart.Cito met Carry and she told him what happened.Carry followed Citu to the Bus Garage to get some fuel and she kissed Bong Bong.Carry and Bong Bong found each other but before that,Bong Bong was crying Because he wanted spto