This is a Tayo/Poli parody.


Season 1Edit

Rescue team of the metropolitan city

Big needs rescuing.

Preschool Bus' present

Preschool Bus gives the other students some spare badges.

Concrete Fuss

Billy falls into the concrete.

New Friends

Gani makes friends with a cat.

Regular checkup day

Rogi dislikes breaking his record.

Fuss about ghost

Speed enters the dark forest and get nervous about a ghost.

Try not to hurry.

Preschool Bus is late.

I want to be praised

Billy becomes jealous of Poco and wants to find something.

Trust your friends

Lightning strikes the metropolitan city and Rogi turns into a magnet, sticking tyres onto his body.

Champ's birthday

Gani tries to remember Champ's riddle, but Champ decides to leave town because everybody forgot about his birthday.

Where are you going, Gani!

Gani overcharges himself at an out of order charging station.

Chris is angry!

Chris gets furious because the trucks keep driving over his concrete before it dried.

I love you, Ractor!

Nana gets angry at Ractor for not giving her a tyre that she really loves, and Pat trains Nana.

It's okay to make a mistake

Rogi doesn't know that Gani is a recycling bin, and Toni makes a mistake, too.

Talent contest.

Max carries too much logs because he didn't want to miss the metropolitan city's talent contest.

Keep your promise

A school girl has lost a teddy bear, so Preschool Bus makes a promise to find it.

Please, Gani!

Toni doesn't know which route to take, so Gani offers to help him.

Let's be clean!

Rogi dislikes breaking a record of his own and likes getting muddy.

The friendship fountain

Toni and Speed argue who goes to the friendship fountain.

Remember, Squishy!

Squishy has a bad memory, and he does it the Champ's Way with the help of Champ.

Hide and seek

Gani and a school girl play hide and seek, but the school girl hides in one of the pipes going to be delivered to the Docks.

Hasler's dream

A mini pickup truck called Hasler wishes to be like his hero Frank when he grows up, and the other cars pretend to be the rescue team.

Escape from the power crisis

The metropolitan city had ran out of electricity, so the cars have to drive for a short while.

Whose side should I be on?

Speed & Toni fight about which team Gani should be on.

Be healthy

Poor Big is very tired when he reaches the Docks.

Our new friend, Citu

Citu is the new arrival to the metropolitan city, and Speed dislikes it when he teases him.

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