Lani has broken the car wash.When she hears Tayo,she hides.Hana and Cito say that it will take 2 days to fix the car wash. Rogi is dressed up as a Detective, who finds out who broke the car wash.He said “Kani!” And he space invades Gani.Then He does it to Lani and he thought Tayo is the one who broke the car wash.Tayo saw Lani was missing a hub cap.Gani the assistant and Rogi the Detective invetingating the scene. Rogi thought Big the big bus (Not Citu) broke the car wash . Then he thought Hanna broke the car wash. Tayo said that Lani broke the car wash but Lani didn't hear it.Tayo and Lani find each other in the Car wash.Rogi told them to come out.Tayo said he broke the car wash and Hana said he was lying.Lani came up and she said she broke the car wash.Cito went up t to Lani and he said Lani lied.Hana said Tayo lied.Cito and Hana forgave Tayo and Lani and told them not to lie again. Edit

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