Rogi Gets A Furby is a fanon crossover and episode number 1 which is part of Season 4.

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This page contains some bad language and violence, not suitable for children. If you are a child, do not view.</span></span><\span></span>

Rogi: Wow! A gift for me? What could it be? A battery powered toy helicopter? A Wii U console with remotes? All 27 mixels? A die-cast model of Lightning McQueen from Cars? A Peppa Pig playset? A die-cast model of Thomas? I'm too excited to find out!

Tayo: Taa-daaaah! This,Rogi is called a Furby!

Rogi: Tayo, what the heck is a Furby?

Lani: Furbies are SUPER-ADORABLE creatures that can speak Furbish.

Rogi: What's Furbish, Lani? You know a lot about cute things.

Lani: Furbish is a language that is just for Furbies.

Rogi: What? I don't understand it. Let me take her out of the box.

Furby: Dah-ay-loh-oo-tye!

Rogi: Um, what is she saying?

Lani: Rogi, I think she is trying to say hello.

Rogi: Hello to you too! What shall I call you?

Furby: Uh-huh, mm-hmm!

Rogi: Okay, 'Ms. Uh-Huh Mm-Hmm'. Do you want to be my "adopted" pet?

Furby: Blah blah blah.

Rogi: Blah blah blah!? Gani, what is she talking about?

Gani: I have no ide-ARRRGH! Monster!

Tayo: Gani! Come back! It's not a monster!

[But Gani ran away and couldn't hear Tayo shouting]

Rookie: Gani's driving so fast? This can't be!

Pat: Okay, Let's arrest him!

Gani: WHAT?! The police? Why are they here?

Rookie: Why WE are here, is that you broke the law and you will get arrested.

Gani: No! Don't arrest me! There's a monste-

Pat: Do not talk like a nuesance.

[A few minutes later, Gani gets arrested for 3 hours]

Gani: I hate this place! I feel like I can wee on the floor!

[Gani starts to leak fuel on the floor]

Tayo: I must come after Gani.

[Tayo driving up the hill to find Rookie and Pat]

Tayo: Have you seen Gani?

Rookie: He's been arrested for driving so fast.

Tayo: How did he do that?

Pat: He must probably be on Speed's team, I think.

Tayo: odd. You usually do not see that in him, He's a very mature bus.

Rogi: If Tayo and Gani are not there, we can play with Ms. Uh-Huh Mm-Hmm in peace.

Lani: Ahhh! This is the life!

Voice: NO IT'S NOT!!!

[Lani looks at Nani]

Lani: What's wrong, Nani?

Nani: My twin cousin Gani has been arrested for running away from Furby that Tayo got for Rogi.

Rogi: How did that happen?

Nani: That's redicoulous, but good question.

Furby: Yaddi-yaddi-yadda!

Nani: You do not talk to a bus like that, or I will phone Rookie to arrest YOU too.

Rogi:Nani Calm Down it's just a Furby.

Furby: Oo-bah, over, oo-bah, over, me change, oo-bah, egh, egh, egh, waahAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Lani: What is she doing?

Furby: Boogah, dah, dee, boogah, der der, der der. Kah dah dee-doh!

Nani: "Kadadedoh"? What is he saying? And I thought that Furby was a female!

Rogi: She has changed personalities, I think. Have a look for yourself!

Nani: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! HE'S TURNED EVIL!! I must phone the police!

[Nani dials 999]

Nani: Hello! Nani speaking!

Rookie: [from the phone] Hello? Who is it?

Nani: It's me, Nani! This evil creature named Furby needs arresting! It's making crazy noises and going hyper!

Rookie: Do not worry about a thing. We'll be there right away.

[Rookie arriving at the garage]

Furby: Grrrrrrr!

Rookie: Don't you "grrrrr" me, you're under arrest!

Furby: Blah blah blah blah!

Rookie: If you make fun of Nani and misbehave, I will arre-

Furby: Kah big dance!

Rookie: Big dance? Okay! I'll put you on Pat's bonnet.

[Furby starts dancing]

Nani, Rogi, Rookie & Lani: Bravo! Bravo!

[Furby dances again]

Pat: Again? What on earth? Is this thing gonn-a s-s-s-s-t-t-t-t-top-p-p-p-p? T-t-t-t-that t-t-t-t-t-t-tick-k-k-k-k-k-kles!

Rookie: If you keep on dancing one more time, you're under arrest for 5 hours.

[Furby ignoring Rookie's warning]

Rookie: That's it. You're under arrest.

Furby: [groans] Kah ay-way, ah-tah!

[Then, all was quiet for 20 seconds]

Pat: What on earth is he saying?

Rookie: I have no idea.

Nani: Neither I. I do not understand Furbish.

Rogi: If you don't understand Furbish, you get it on Google Play on your Android.

Nani: Ohhhh! Thanks for the message!

Lani: You're welcome. Now, we have to save Gani. Wait, what? It's gone past 3 hours already!

Rogi: Let's go!

Furby: Kah dah-noh-lah!

Rookie: Does that mean he's coming too?

Pat: Uh, maybe? I think he's going home, jail with Gani.

Furby: Yeah! Mee-mee ee-day! Woohaha!

Pat: I do not understand Furbish.

Tayo: Hi, everybody! I'm back!

[A few minuites later, Chris arrives]

Tayo: Hi Chris!

Chris: Hi, Tayo! Who's your new friend?

Tayo: This is my f.....

Rogi: This is Ms. Uh-Huh Mm-Hmm.

Chris: "Ms. Uh-Huh Mm-Hmm"? That's a strange name you picked there, Rogi. Has she got a real name?

Rogi: Of course she has a real name! Her real name is.......

Furby: Oo-bah, oo-bah! Ay-way! Me changing!

Chris: Boobahboobahaway? That.........

Furby: Yay! Noo-noo toh-toh!

Everybody: We do not understand Furbish, for Heavens-sake!

[Tow Mater arrives and asks where Gani is]

Mater: Hey there, buddies! Have you seen Gani?

Tayo: No. I do not understand why he got arrested.

Mater: Shoot! I have searched everywhere, even Radiator Springs! Gani is nowhere to be seen.

Chris: I know! How about we search through the construction site!

Rogi: I am not sure if Gani's at the police station or not. Are you not sure too, Ms. Uh-Huh Mm-Hmm?

Furby: Noo-noo koh-koh, noo-noo koh-koh!

Rogi: What does that mean?

Everybody: Not sure.

Lani: I'm not sure either.

[Jani and Nana come over]

Jani: Buses, we've got trouble. Gani has been arrested by the police and we are the only ones to save him.

Rookie: Get into the car, you stupid pink idiot!

Pat: You tell him. You're a gigantic idiot!

Rookie: What did you just call me?

Pat: No, no, no, no. I was NOT talking to you, I was talking to Furby the pink ball of blobby fur.

Furby: Tay, oo-nye toh-loo wah-tee?

Everybody: Oh for crying out loud we still don't understand stupid, Unitelligible, awful Furbish!

[Furby dancing]

Everybody still: Oh, c'mon! We still don't freaking understand Furbish!!!!!

[Nemo appears out of nowhere]

Tayo: Hey! Who are you?

Nemo: Geez! Don't you know me? I'm Nemo!

Rogi: Nemo? Who's Nemo?

Mater: Shoot! Nemo's this here lil' clownfish who got lost and put in a Gill fishtank!

Nemo: Can you give me a container filled with water? I feel like I want to die if you don't hurry up!

Tayo: Uh, okay! On my way!

[Tayo drives over to Nani]

Tayo: And Nani, could you pour a few drops of water on Furby for me?

Rogi: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T, YOU BIG BLUE DOOFUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tayo: You are a doofus yourself! BACK OFF and get off my adorable Furby-free face!

Rogi: Who are you calling doofus?!

Tayo: YOU That's who!


Tayo & Rogi: Stay out of it, Lani!

Lani:Why You little Shi-

Gani:Lani Watch Your Language!,Your only 11 years old and your already swearing?! Why when i was your age I was a well behaved bus who never cursed.

Everybody:Gani?! Your Back?![[Category:Fanon]