Oil Leak


Everyone is having a nice warm hangout in the garage, except for one, Lani. There was a trail of oil all over the road and it leaked out from another car. Who could it be? As Lani slept on, she started her engine and then drove away from the garage. Thomas saw what Lani was doing: sleepdriving. She was rocking back and forth and leaked oil out of her oil tank. "Cinders and ashes!" he said. Just then, Rogi heard Thomas and said "Why cinders and ashes?". "You know why?" said Thomas. "Look!" Rogi sighed and thought to himself: "Not again! Why would Lani be doing these things?". She was also snoring very loudly, distracting all of the other vehicles' work. More and more oil leaked onto the road, lucky Rubby came to clean the oil. He said to himself: "This oil leak is very sticky it could get my tyres and brushes stuck in it!" So, he knew who he should call. "I think Sandy will come to help."  Sure enough, Sandy arrived. He was a pink truck with sandboxes to keep the road safe. "Howdy! You called?" he said to Rubby. "Yes. This oil is very sticky and I need your sandboxes to help." Rubby said to Sandy. "Sure! Sandy at your service!" he replied and got to work. "I knew it! The oil is really sticky, but I can't let Rubby down." Sandy thought as he poured the sand. Rubby was amazed at the work Sandy had done!

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