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Season 1 Edit

  1. A Day in the Life of Tayo
  2. Tayo gets lost
  3. Tayo's First Drive
  4. Good Friends
  5. Afraid of the Dark
  6. Thanks, Cito!
  7. Let's All Get Along
  8. I Want New Tires
  9. Our New Friend, Gani
  10. Hana and Gani
  11. I Want to Go on a Picnic!
  12. Let's Be Friends
  13. Nuri is a Superstar
  14. Rogi's Hiccups
  15. Hana's Day Out
  16. The Best Heavy Equipment
  17. Joey, the Magician
  18. Frank and Alice Are Awesome!
  19. Lani's Misunderstanding
  20. Make Up, Frank and Alice
  21. Tayo's Space Adventure
  22. Speeding is Dangerous
  23. Lani's Day Off
  24. My Job's the Hardest
  25. Gani is Sick
  26. Tayo is the Best

Season 2 Edit

  1. Tayo and Bongbong
  2. The Perfect duo, Rookie and Pat
  3. Gani the Teacher!
  4. I'll help you, Big
  5. Please Pick Me
  6. A New Playground!
  7. Nana Visits the City
  8. Nuri's worst Day
  9. The Treasure is Mine!
  10. Rogi the Detective!
  11. Rogi's Special Guest
  12. The Leader of the Playground!
  13. Cito's Secret
  14. Lani the Princess Wannabe
  15. Tayo the Grown-up
  16. Tiny Tayo
  17. Tayo's Space Adventure Part 1
  18. Tayo's Space Adventure Part 2
  19. It's Hard to Behave
  20. Gani's Present
  21. Air, the Brave Helicopter
  22. Prank Call Madness
  23. A Frightful Night
  24. Nana's Invitation
  25. Tayo's First Snow Day
  26. Hana's Special Day

Season 3 Edit

  1. The New Friend, Heart
  2. We Are A Family
  3. Rogi the Sweeper
  4. I Know It All
  5. A School Day
  6. Cheer Up Frank
  7. A Weekend With Citu
  8. Tayo's Promise
  9. Gani The Super Star
  10. Toto and Bongbong
  11. Laugh, Pat
  12. We Are The Best With Each Other
  13. Cooku & Champ's Trip To The City
  14. I Can't Sleep
  15. I Want To Be Your Friend
  16. City Heroes, Tayo & Duri
  17. We Are The Heavy-Duty Circus
  18. The Best Mechanic
  19. I Want A Puppy
  20. Ask Me Anything
  21. Poco's Flower
  22. Tayo's Christmas
  23. Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1
  24. Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2
  25. Somebody Help Us
  26. The Little Buses Sports Day

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