Transcript Edit

Narrator. Tayo, Lani, and Gani went downstairs.

(phone rings)

Cito. Someone is at the phone.

Tayo. Hello, Lil?

Lil. (crying)

Narrator. The doorbell rang and it was Lil the baby from Rugrats.

(Lil crying)

Tayo. What happened?

Lil. My Reptar Doll is stuck in a tree.

Cito. I'll call Frank.

Frank. Hello, Frank speaking.

Cito. Lil's Reptar Doll is stuck in a tree.

(firetruck sound)

Frank. I'll get it down.

Narrator. So Frank saved the Reptar Doll.

Lani. Awww, I found your Reptar Doll.

(everyone laughs)

The End

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