Heavy: I'm Heavy Weapons Guy And this is my weapon

She weighs one hundred Kilos, fires two hundred dollar custom tool cartridge round per minute.

Which one of you is crying?! Ohhhhh....Me.

How could this happen? Where did we go so wrong?

Let this be lesson, let us see

Be giant man you have to be

Do i feel shame? Do i feel fear? NO! I feel...ALIVE

Let eet go, let eet go!

i am killer of little man

Let eet Go, let eet go!

i think you need more men

Rookie: You yes, you

Coward! You are dead

I am credit to team

Heavy is wish making fairy

Heavy: is funny to me

That you are so small

All will fear my giant new gun

Now, kill them all!

What coward stand against me, who?

Little man, I will break you

No right, no wrong, no match for me

I liiiive!

Rookie: Let eet go, let eet go!

Now is coward killing time!

Let eet go, let eet go!

NEVER make me cry

Here I stand, and here i stay

Go ahead, keep crying baby!

Heavy: So much power now, my fists are made of steel!

Rookie: You are no match for me

Is so much magic, ice you feel

Heavy: You cannot beat me, i have squashed with icy boom!

Rookie: I'm never going back, and i will beat your aaaaaass.

Both: Let eet go! Let eet go!

Now is coward killing time!

Let eet go! Let eet go!

NEVER make me cry

Here i stand, in the light of day!

Let the storm rage on!

Heavy is wish making fairy!


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