Deep-Sea Tunes is an album from Finding Dory by Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band. which includes new songs and returning favourites from Finding Nemo: Ocean Favourites.


  1. Let's Go Swimming (Webb Wilder)
  2. Octopus' Garden (Tim Buppert) - returning favourite
  3. The Big Ship Sails Through the Alley Alley O (Billy Davis)
  4. Yellow Submarine (Pat Buchanan)
  5. Beyond the Sea (Kandace Williams) - returning favourite
  6. What Do I See? (Britt Savage)
  7. Gone Fishin' (Rob Galbraith) - returning favourite
  8. Wipe Out (instrumental) (R.L. Wilson) - returning favourite
  9. Fish School (Tim Buppert) - returning favourite
  10. Radiator Springs (Lyle Gudmunsen)
  11. Under the Waves (Scat Springs) - returning favourite
  12. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive (Gunnar Nelson)

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