Oliver Dillon as Tayo

Blake Harrison as Rogi

Holly Thomas as Lani

Samuel Woodward as Gani

Rob Rackstraw as Citu

Emma Tate as Nuri

Kate Harbour as Hana

Tim Whitnall as Rookie

Hayden Hunter as Pat

Keith Wickham as Speed and Poco

Kerry Shale as Shine

Nigel Pilkington as Toto

Steven Kynman as Toni/Tony

Maria Darling as Alice

David Holt as Frank

Neil Morrissey as Big

Colin McFarlane as Billy

David Bedella as Chris

Jay Simon as Max

Noah Ashby as Bongbong

Duncan Wisbey as Booba

Teresa Gallagher as Duri

Jo Wyatt

Eve Bentley

Dave Lamb

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