The New VehicleEdit

  1. "Hee hee hee hee! Hello, I'm Dusty! That's me!"

A Song For The FarmEdit

  1. "Maybe Rora could stay with me tonight!"
  2. "Woo-hoo!"
  3. "I don't need walls, Rora. I'm a plane."
  4. "When the wind blows, it feels like I'm flying! Goodnight, Rora."
  5. (in her sleep) "Up, up and around! Wheeeee! Woo-hoo! Ha ha ha ha!"
  6. "What? Huh? Rora? What?"
  7. "Oops. Was I talking in my sleep?"
  8. "Sorry, I was having a dream about flying. I did 3 loop-the-loops!"
  9. (in her sleep again) "Whee! Whoo-wee!"

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