Dream Street was a British children's television series that ran from 6 May 1999 to 2002 on CITV. The show was narrated by British comedian Russ Abbot, and was aimed at children aged from 2 to 7. The show featured talking toy vehicles, which were radio controlled in real time. The series aired back on CiTV around 2008.

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The show was set in a story book resting on the bedside table, and in later series with a child holding it, of a playroom during the night, whilst the child was asleep. The room also includes an element of Dream Street within it - the teddy bear clock. In later series, the title sequence revealed more of the things within the room, such as model Saturn bedposts.

The official slogan was; "Stimulate your child's imagination!, because Dream Street is a world of magical fun!". For Series 3, the theme tune contained the lyric "Get Streetwise", as part of the road safety campaign, which was repeated at the end of the show accompanying a short promo.

CITV, the original broadcaster, repeated the series in 2008-09, but it ended shortly after. However, Mini CITV, a substandard version of CITV, are the current broadcaster of the series, along with Tiny Pop.

There have been VHS releases of the series by Carlton Video.


Charlotte Bellamy as Buddy - a pickup truck with various removable accessories on his back, and the main character of the show. He seems to be best friends with Daisy. He loves to help out his friends with magic.

  • Charlotte also did the voice of Daisy Do-Right - a cute police car. She works with the police and does not like her policemen asleep on patrol. On the old website, it reveals that she also loves to visit fields full of daises. She is best friends with Buddy and likes to help her out.

Emma Tate as Half-Pint - a small and shy milk float. He loves sleeping in the dark. In the episode "King of the Road", Half Pint gets bullied by Hot Rodney about being slow, whilst in the episode "Midnight Monstering", he could not sleep last night. Half Pint is voiced by Emma Tate.

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