Cars is a 2006 Disney/Pixar movie

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the film begins with the 2006 piston cup racing season with a rookie racecar Lightning McQueen. he races against chick hicks and the king. lightning came as the 3rd racer as it now opened the legend, the runner up and the rookie. 3 cars 1 champion. lightning took once the lead as the cars go to the pits. lightning is winning until he loses a tire. as he loses another tire chick and the king catch up and the race ends in a 3 way tie. lightning tells his driver mack a truck to go. mack said he parked lightning's trailer at his sponsors tent. lightning has a big break. after things were pretty good. lightning takes a drive but he falls asleep a group of tuner cars knock lightning out of the trailer. lightning goes after mack but ends up as a grumpy peterblit. lightning goes to the interstate as a sheriff chases him. lightning finds out it is not the interstate and it's route 66. lightning wrecks a small town radiator springs LIGHTNING is now arrested. when mack goes to racing lightning is missing and people are asking where is he? the scene later opens with lightning McQueen in the impound lot. he is awaken and meets a a rusty truck. lightning enters the courthouse where judge doc Hudson is kicking lightning out. the attorney sally carerra tells doc to make lightning fix the road as a punishment. so lightning is now fixing the road.


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