Busy Buses was an animated children's program about the lives of a group of friendly talking buses.
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It was originally shown on 
The Children's Channel, and later on Tiny Living.


Busy Buses is a 3D CGI animated TV series made for 'children' aged 3–6. Set in a cartoon-like town called Chumley, it features a bus garage and eight colourful bus characters. Brian Conley not only narrates the stories but he has also created the voices for all the Busy Buses. The series was created by Television 4 Channel Limited (a joint venture between TV4HTV and Gnome Productions) and directed and produced by Terry Ward.


Colin - a green country bus who loves getting dirty and hates taking baths.

Sammy - a yellow school bus is the youngest bus who is mischievous and sometimes he can get into trouble. He is friends with Tommy and is often see bonding with the other buses. He also likes riding on Colin's roof.

Susan - a pink shopping bus who is shy and cunning.

Roger - a white and blue airport bus. Roger is the second oldest with has a combat pilot voice.

Harry - a red bus who is very kind and he hates the dark.

Stephanie - a white and yellow bus. She can be very bossy at times and a bit stupid all day, like driving onto the railway lines and the Queen.

Penny - a blue and yellow bus.

Arnold - a red double-decker bus. He is the oldest he can never remember and he can go the wrong way and crash into things. He can be sleepy at times.

Tommy - a blue bus who is friends with Sammy. He only appeared in Season 2.

Archie - Arnold's younger brother which is white and red.


Sammy's New Friend - Tommy, another school bus, comes for a visit and he and Sammy make friends.

The Football Match - There is a football match between the Chumley buses and some other buses. Sammy badly wants to play and eventually gets his chance.

Busy Bangers - Mr Spector mistakenly gives the Busy Buses the wrong fuel causing all sorts of problems.

Sammy the Stunt Bus - Sammy goes to the airport with Roger and gets himself into trouble.

A Day on the Farm - All the buses help out with an emergency at Farmer Waggle's.

Sammy becomes a Scout - Sammy goes camping with a scout troop.

Stephanie Loses her Nerve - Stephanie is too scared to leave the bus shed

A Muddy Day - A very wet and muddy day in Chumley which only Colin enjoys.

Sammy Gets Taller - Sammy is upset that he is shorter than the other buses, and comes up with some odd ways to make himself taller.

Sammy's Midnight Adventure - Tommy comes to visit again and stays over in the bus shed. He and Sammy sneak out during the night.

One Eyed Roger - Roger has had a busy day but needs to make a late trip to the airport. When one of his head-lights goes out, he gets into trouble.

Rick the Racing Bus - Sammy is going in for a full service and Rick comes to stand in for him, however Rick drives much too fast and makes everyone sick.

The Big Parade - The busy buses have a big parade to choose 'Bus of the Year'.

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