"Uh, you're so mean! You keep telling me I can't do anything!"
—Bongbong whining at Toto

Bongbong is a 2-4 year old baby/toddler blue mini camper van who made his first appearance in "Tayo and Bong Bong". He appears in the app "Autism for Racing". His basis is a 1977 Volkswagen Type 2.



Carry (mother)

Small (brother)

Andy (brother)

Tiny (brother)


Jesse (crush)

Tramy (secret crush)

Voice ActorsEdit

Unknown (Old series, US English dub, Season 2)

Carol Tyler (Old series, US English dub, Season 3 onwards)

Teresa Gallagher (New series, UK/US, Season 1 onwards)

Fred Meijer (Dutch Dub)


  • He will get a makeover. Bongbong has brown eyes, his rearview mirrors are black, he has a surfboard on his roof and a numberplate saying "B0N6 B0N6". He will also have a horn sound, which would most likely be Rogi's in a higher pitch.
  • His real name is Jerry.
    • In the new series, his Full name is " Jerry Hubert Peterson". It was stated on his driving license.
  • It is unknown when he was born. In the new series, he was born on 19th November.
  • Bongbong has a small crush on Tramy.
  • His name could be a possible reference to Philippine former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. nicknamed "Bongbong".